Buck family history


Got to see my familys home town!

Benvenuto troppo la piccolo gusto di Itaila!

My family came from a Roman-medieval city, Lucca. It happends to be one of Italy's -If not Europe's-best preserved, completely walled-in cities with plenty of ancient history still intact. The walls date to the Renaissance, bulit between 1544 and 1650.

Top Picture-Great Great Grandmother and Aunt Ada and Aunt Julia

Bottom pictures- Great Grandfather Niccola Di Martellaorsi and Great Grandmother Amabile Giannoni


Great Grandfather Niccola Di Martellaorsi and Great Grandmother Amabile Giannoni


Top Pictures-Great Great Grandfather Sylvio Gianonni.Next picture, Great Grandmother Amabile Giannoni with Uncle Livio Giannoni. Bottom Pictures-Uncle Livo. Next Picture Uncle Livio, Julia and Ada Giannoni

My Great Grandmothers (Grandmas) Citizenship Papers

Amabile Giannonis' Birth Certificate


My Great Grandfathers Citizenship papers.


Great Grandma Amabile Di Martellaorsi

Helen Di Martellaorsi

Raymond Di Martellaorsi


Gloria Di Martellaorsi

Gloria, Raymond, and Helen Di Martellaorsi


Pictured here from Bottom left to Right: Gloria Orsi, Florence (Babe) Zellmer, Loraine Zellmar, Marian Zellmer, Carol Ludvigsen

Top Left to Right: Ray Muiniq, Florence Zellmer, Amabile Orsi, Mable Trittin, Bro Trittin David Graff, Chris Ludvigsen (holding Don Graff), Mary Ludvigsen, Esther Haskins, Wendel Haskins.


My Greatgrandparents Amabile and Niccola DiMartellaorsi. This is their wedding picture from Italy.

My Great- Great Granparents, Sylvio and Angelina Gianonni

In 1907, my great-great grandparents Sylvio and Angelina Gianonni moved to the United States where they lived in Chicago with their children: Amabile, (birth November 15 1899- December 8 1991) Livio, (birth 1902 - 1963)Carmella (birth1906 - 1919) Iola, (birth 1908 -1985), Julia, (birth 1910 - 1984) Within a few years the family moved back to Italy.

In 1919 my great grandmother, Amabile,met the family of DiMartellaorsi.Family included: Father, Ferdinand, Mother, Pamela, Children; Vincente, Orsolina, Chanti, John, Lugi, and Niccola (birth October 15 1891- April 7 1944) Niccola and Amabile hit it off and in were married by his Uncle. In 1920 they decided to move to the US for work. As Amabile puts it " If you dont want to go, I'll go without you!" They found a home in North Fond Du lac WI, on Wisconsin Ave. Niccola found work with the SOOLINE railroad company.

The Orsi's (short name), started a family for the new generation. Children: Helen (July 25th 1923- November 17th 1982) Raymond (April 20, 1927-October 20, 1996), Gloria (Sep 6 1930)

Family Picture (1926 or 1927) Taken at 1102 Wisconsin Ave. North Fond Du lac, WI

Back Row: L-R Niccola DiMartellaorsi, (Man unknown) Amabile Gianonni, DiMartellaorsi.

Middle Row: L-R Livio Gianonni, ( Man unknown) Ada Gianonni

Front Row: L-R (Lady unknown), holding Helen DiMartellaorsi, Julia Gianonni Orsolini, Great-Great Grampa, Sylvio Gianonni, Great-Great Gramma, Angelina Paolini Gianonni.

The Buck wedding 1948

Great Grandma Orsi

My old loving dog when i was a kid, Sandy. He lived to be 13 till i was in my senioryear in high school!

Rusty lived to be 14 died 2012

Family picture in 2003

Back Row L-R-Wendy Johnson (Arnett), Robert Buck, Gloria Buck Middle- Allison Buck, Bottom Row L-R Mike Buck holding Nicholas, Ann Buck holding Elizabeth, Donna Buck, Steve Buck and Jessica.